Wine is amazing, but wine slushies are simply genius.

It's wine-o-clock somewhere! Time to text your favorite wine besties and tell them you've got road trip plans. This Illinois winery that is home to the wine slushies is located in Carbondale, Il. I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I will make an exception for a wine slushie.

Kite Hill Vineyards is where you'll find the fun looking slushies.

Obviously those drinks look tasty, but they're also so pretty!

OIS details -

Wine slushies can be ordered by the glass or carafe. Regular flavors include blueberry pomegranate and the popular peach bellini, but additional flavors like lemon drop may also be available. You can even get creative and mix two wine slushy flavors together!

You can enjoy a wine slushie on the vineyard, and then you can take the fun to go. Their website describes the slushies as -

The OG Wine Slushies on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. A blend of our wine and special ingredients, this frozen treat is easy to take home and freeze yourself, no blender required! We offer two flavors.

The possibilities for pairing your wine slushie are endless. From snacks to the views, you'll be totally set for a day of fun.
Like I said, it's in Carbondale, Il. so it's going to be a mini road trip, so if you want to stay, why not stay on the vineyard? Kite Hill Vineyards has a bed & breakfast right in the area so you can stay near all the wine fun.
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