This is a rough memory for any Bear fan. 

I'm fully aware that this isn't the best vibe for Bear fans heading into a playoff game this weekend but it's always good to remember your failures so you can truly appreciate the past.

I'm a Bears fan but definitely not a "die-hard" Bears fan. I enjoy it when they win but losses never really bum me out. Maybe that's why I don't really mind bringing up the "double-doink." There really are only a handful of Bears playoff games that I remember, especially for non-Super Bowl years.

Now a lot of this has to do with the fact that the Bears have had limited post-season success during my lifetime. I was born in 1979. The Bears have played 23 postseason games since then and are 10-13 in those games.

Half of those games don't even really count for me since I don't really remember many games before 1990. They've only played 13 postseason games since then and are 5-8 in those games. Do you remember any of them?

I'll wait....

Do you remember their loss to the Panthers in the 2005 season?

How about the win over the Seahawks in 2009?

Does losing to the Eagles in 2000 even ring any bells?

This brings me back to the double doink. I'll NEVER forget that. Even as a self-described non-"die-hard" fan, that one hurt.

But the reactions. Oh, the reactions were great.

It started with head coach Matt Nagy hitting everyone with the open mouth disbelief look:

Nagy Mouth

...and then just spiraled out of control after that.

I'm not going to link to any of the reaction videos in this space. They're all a little too NSFW for me to include, but I highly suggest you go down the rabbit hole of "double-doink reaction videos." You won't be disappointed.

So remember this loss as the Bears take the field this Sunday against the Saints. Yes, they'll probably lose, but there's no way they can make it as painful as it was 2 years ago.



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