The main difference between the photo above and what happens at my house would be the man and the woman. In this photo, a clearly confused and perplexed "TV dad" type stares in frustration and impotence at a ball of tangled Christmas lights, while the woman in the background looks on.

In my house, it would be my wife Amy contemplating, then easily untangling the ball of lights whilst I recline on the couch watching football. Amy would then proceed to decorate the entire home while I nod off before halftime. It's our dynamic, and it works for us.

However, if you're the person stuck with the tangled lights, the boxes of ornaments, the tree, the wreaths, and the food preparation, you might want to take a look at the video below for some interesting, and surprisingly useful holiday life hacks. You don't want to look like "TV dad" in front of your family.