What to Avoid During Rockford's Current Heatwave
As I write this, Rockford's current temperature reading is only 84 degrees. However, before the day is out, we'll see temps over 90 degrees with a heat index that goes even higher. The next several days may bring even warmer temperatures--maybe even as high as 95.
Genius Leaf Raking Hack to Save Your Back
Fall is awesome, until you have to clean all those one prettily colored leaves from your yard, then Fall blows. (See what I did there? Never mind.) Make leaf clean up easier this year by trying this one easy trick.
Winter Life Hacks
Why is the woman in the above photo smiling (assuming she is, under that hood and scarf)? Because she knows a few winter-weather life hacks to make the season of snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures more tolerable. That, or she's inside in a warm photographer's studio, standing in front of a winter …
Christmas Life-Hacks to Untangle Your Life
The main difference between the photo above and what happens at my house would be the man and the woman. In this photo, a clearly confused and perplexed "TV dad" type stares in frustration and impotence at a ball of tangled Christmas lights, while the woman in the background looks …
Tips and Shortcuts For Life with David Pogue [AUDIO]
If you're always looking for ways to make life a little simpler and better, here's the book for you.
David Pogue has 1.5 million followers on Twitter and has just released a second book, Pogue's Basics: Life which is a reference book of 200 simple tips and shortcuts that…

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