Bear fans finally heard from Halas Hall and it wasn't good. 

It took 48 hours after the Bears season came to an end before any information about the future to be released.

People were not excited.

Then it was announced that the Bears brass would be addressing the media Wednesday morning at 10 AM.

The press conference lasted 90 minutes, it seemed like 900. Tone-deaf would be a polite way to describe what happened. One thing that was abundantly clear after hearing George McCaskey and Ted Phillips talk was that winning isn't the most important thing to the Bears organization.

It should be noted that by all accounts, George McCaskey is a great guy. I've never heard anyone say anything but glowing things about him personally. He also seems like a wonderful man to work for. We would all love it if our bosses cared for us the way the McCaskeys care for their employees. It's one of the reasons the "Bears family" is so strong, it literally is a family.

It's also the reason why they can be so frustrating to root for and this perception is hardly new.

Fifty years ago, Bears legend Dick Butkus reportedly confronted none other than Papa Bear George Halas, telling him "I really don't think you want to win here."

Butkus was probably right then, and he seems to be right today.

The McCaskeys are a great family that happens to run a VERY successful business. The bottom line and well-being of their employees are their top priority. It's a noble trait, just a frustrating one to root for.

Bear fans are mad now. I've heard a lot of talk about not watching games next year or even boycotting games. We all know that won't happen. We'll still find ourselves in front of the TV next September and if it's allowed, Soldier Field will be sold out for every home game. The Bears will make their money and we'll complain all over again during the offseason next year.

Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

The life of a Bears fan.

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