Ever since the Cubs have gotten good, the presence of Cubs "W" flags has skyrocketed. 

I've always thought the W flag was awesome. A unique tradition the Cubs started years ago. Fun fact the W flag originated when the Cubs wanted commuters on the red line to know if the team had won that day or not. The W flag flying high above the iconic scoreboard indicated good news happened at Wrigley that day.

Well, neighbors of Cassie McDonald in Tinley Park have other ideas. Cassie posted her house on Facebook along with the following letter she received from a neighbor:

WGN - Hanging it off your front proch is very frat house looking and makes our area look bad - just like the run down apartments on the North side of the 167th Street just East of Harlem. If you haven't noticed how trashy they look with their flags hanging off their balconies, maybe you will now.

Pretentious much? I hope Cassie doubles down and puts a statue of Ron Santo in her front yard with a speaker that plays "Go Cubs Go" on repeat 12 hours a day.

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