There aren't too many parents out there naming their daughters "Rockford" or "Naperville," but one city in Illinois is a very popular baby name this year. 

While we won't find out the official list of top baby names for 2016 until next year, is reporting that Olivia is taking over the top spot for baby girls, taking that spot from Emma, which was the most popular girl name for the last two years.

So which Chicago suburb in is the top ten? The most princess-like suburb, Aurora.

When I think Aurora, I think Sleeping Beauty and "Wayne's World," so I'm not sure that if I was ever having a baby girl, I would pick Aurora for her name, but it is pretty.

Today lists the ten most popular baby girl names so far in 2016 as: Olivia, Amelia, Charlotte, Ava, Isla, Arabella, Aurora, Adeline, Penelope, and Eleanor.

Did anyone else just read that list and picture a bunch of grandmas? I'm pretty sure my grandma had a sister named Adeline and my grandpa had a sister names Eleanor.

Today also lists the ten most popular boy names of 2016 so far as: Erra, Asher, Atticus, Declan, Oliver, Silas, Mila, Leui, Henry, and Wyatt.

What ever happened to Joe?

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