Last month, Chicago school officials discussed a "hybrid plan" to combine virtual learning with in-person classes, but that's now off the table.

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot said earlier this morning that the reason for the change was because of an "uptick" in confirmed COVID-19 cases. She also referred to a poll of families that showed 41% of elementary school parents and 38% of high school parents would not send their children to school buildings.

The decision by the mayor's office and Chicago Public School officials was probably made easier when you consider that the Chicago Teachers Union vehemently opposed the hybrid plan, and even took initial steps toward a strike vote if the hybrid plan was approved.

Rockford teachers appear to be echoing the same sentiment, according to a report from My Stateline:

Tuesday marked the second time teachers and staff have held a rally voicing their fears of opening their classroom doors back up. Those in attendance say that they’re looking to draw attention to the potential dangers of in-person learning during a pandemic.

Demonstrators have signs that pose questions such as “How do I comfort a child who is crying in my classroom?” and “How can you guarantee we will have enough subs?” Some wrote messages on their cars so they can be seen as people move through the streets around Midtown.

The goal of the rally is to get the district’s attention. Instead of choice in-person or remote learning, they’re calling for all classes to be online.



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