Over the years with our dog Lucy, we've been lucky in the "runaway dog" department. The farthest that Lucy has ever run from us when she had the chance was the mailbox at the end of the driveway. The street scared her, and she ran for the gate to the backyard as fast as she could.

Chicagoan Linda Zimmer, owner of a 15 week old Malamute, wasn't so lucky--at first. Her dog, Izabella, managed to slip out of her harness during a walk with Linda Tuesday morning on Chicago's Northside streets. Once free from her harness, Izabella was gone.

That's where the story takes an interesting "Lassie Come Home" twist.

From UPI:

The Canine Social Club in Chicago said workers were perplexed Tuesday morning when a "frequent daycare guest," a Malamute named Izabella, followed another customer in through the front doors without her collar, tags or any sign of her owner. The front desk manager, who recognized Izabella, called Zimmer and told her the dog had arrived safely on her own. Izabella enjoyed some breakfast and playtime at the daycare while Zimmer rushed to the facility for a reunion. Zimmer said Izabella would have had to cross some busy and dangerous Northside streets in order to reach the Canine Social Club.

Linda Zimmer went on to say it was all very emotional because when Izabella gave her the slip, Linda had no idea if she'd ever see her again.

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