Anyone who has had their driver's license for a while has had at least one moment of being completely freaked out by something that happens on the road. It might be catastrophic car damage, insane weather conditions, other drivers, you name it.

Or it might be what an Indiana woman recently experienced. A two-by-four that became a missile came flying through her windshield as she drove to work early on Tuesday morning. Here's the aftermath:

Whiteland Fire Department, Facebook
Whiteland Fire Department, Facebook

The Flying Wood Came Off Of A Passing Semi Trailer

If you've ever seen any of the "Final Destination" movies (people escape impending death somehow, but are killed later in some weird way because Death doesn't give up), the scenario that unfolded on Tuesday morning could have been taken from any of those films.

According to published reports, a Johnson County Indiana woman named Barbara Noble was on her way to work in the early morning hours of Tuesday when she saw a semi-trailer truck approaching from the opposite way. Other than thinking that the lights were a bit bright, and the truck was moving "pretty quickly," she had no idea what was coming.

Whiteland Fire Department, Facebook
Whiteland Fire Department, Facebook

She Got An Unwelcome Visit From A New Passenger Traveling At A High Rate Of Speed

That visitor, as you can see from the shot above, was a two-by-four. As you might imagine, had that board come through the window just a bit to the right of where it did, Ms. Noble would probably not be around to tell anyone about it.

WGN-TV News:

Although she saw the truck about to pass her, coming from the opposite direction, what she didn’t see coming was the object about to narrowly miss her.

“As soon as that semi was even with me, then it just went, bam,” said Noble. “The 2×4 shot off his truck and just went through my windshield. I can’t even tell you how loud it was.”

A hole in the broken dirty glass on a black background, close-up
Getty Images

No Charges Filed, Everyone Made It To Where They Were Going Safely

The Johnson County Sheriff's office did manage to track down the semi truck involved in the incident, but the driver was unaware of anything having happened, and said he was not the one who loaded the truck. He wasn't injured, and Ms. Noble was unhurt except for a bit of glass striking her in one eye.

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