When you live in a town of 4,200 people, excitement comes in different forms. Like new phone books--or runaway bulls.

That's what's going on in Caseyville, Illinois at the moment (not the new phone books). Caseyville (just east of East St. Louis) has got an escapee of the four-legged variety, and the community is spreading the word:

Yeah. That photo confirms...er, something.

But it's still on the loose, sir.

Apparently, at least in the above view by Eric, we shouldn't be surprised at Caseyville having trouble in the "round-up" department.

Officers responded to the 2100 block of North 81st Street on Thursday for a "report of a bull on the loose," according to the agency's Facebook post.

"Officers located the bull behind a residence and were involved in a foot pursuit with the bull," the post stated. The bull, however, evaded officers and was still on the loose just after midnight Friday when the Facebook post was made. "We are still working on it, we have a couple of people that have bulls themselves," Caseyville Sgt. Kale Pirtle said. "They were going to go out once it got light out and attempt to lasso it."

Pirtle said the animal was described as a smaller bull, and it ended up taking off through the woods when police attempted to capture it.

It would appear that bulls pull this sort of thing on a regular basis:

Gotta be a Lucky Charms joke in here someplace...

Yet the media remains mostly silent on the runaway bull epidemic.

*Shakes head, looks nervously out of office window.

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