Mike Peck joined the show to give us the latest on the Ice Hogs and their big league affiliate, the Blackhawks. 

The Ice Hogs kicked off this weird, abbreviated, fanless (mostly) season on the road earlier this month. They finally got to play on their home ice in the BMO Center Tuesday night to start a 4 game homestand.

Let's get the bad news in the interview out right away. No, Mike doesn't know when fans will be allowed back into the BMO Center to watch Ice Hogs games. He did tell us that a team in Iowa is currently allowing a limited number in to watch games so there is some hope on the horizon.

Mike explains to us how travel is a little different this year. They're taking more buses to allow more distance when travelling and not staying overnight during some roadtrips. Most of these away games see the Ice Hog players leave Rockford in the morning and return at night after the game. A tough season for sure.

We also get to the good fortunes of the Blackhawks and how that will effect the team this year. The success of the Blackhawks probably means that the Ice Hog players will be utilized differently than if the Blackhawks were firmly in the middle of rebuilding the team. Players are excited to be part of an organization that is moving in the right direction.

Also the Ice Hogs are asking their fans to submit a video of themselves to play on the big screen during the home games. Mike was telling us how much the players really do miss the fans, so this might actually be one of the best ways to support the team.


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