Sammy Sosa has led an interesting life since retiring from baseball. 

The former slugging outfielder of the Chicago Cubs first made waves about 10 years ago when it appeared that his skin had been severely lightened since his playing days.

Here's a picture of Sammy from 2009.

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Compare that to the image above and that's a totally different dude. Sammy has not addressed this once and it has lead to some WILD speculation about what might actually be going on.

He's had some interesting looks in public in the past. I'll use this photo as Exhibit A.

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That's not the same guy that I saw hit 66 home runs in the summer of '98. I don't know who it is but it's not Sammy Sosa.

Then Sammy doubled down with the western motif he released over the weekend. So many questions. Does he own those clothes? Is that a real gun in his holster? Where is her gun? Did he pay for these or was he helping out a photographer friend? Is he just really into cowboys now? Last time I checked there aren't too many "cowboys" from the Dominican Republic. I'm not saying that people from the Dominican can't be cowboys but this would be like me dressing up in lederhosen for no good reason.

I hope Sammy's well. He was one of my favorite players growing up. Yes, he had some PED problems and wasn't really popular in the clubhouse but he carried the team and the brand through some tough times.

The Cubs have been strongly opposed to bringing Sammy back into the Cubs "family" until he publicly apologizes for his role in PED usage, even when teams like the Giants, Cardinals and Red Sox are welcoming back Bonds, McGuire and Manny Ramirez. I'm starting to think that the Cubs just want Sammy to tone down the strange before he gets up on stage during a Cubs convention.

I hope Sammy's doing well. It looks like his wife is along for the ride so at least the marriage is in a stable place. Until then, get some sun, Sammy and maybe we go back to just wearing baseball caps.

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