This sounds like an urban legend but it was confirmed by one of the parties involved. 

That's an absurd amount of "Mexican" food. You should keep in mind that this was when they were playing in the minors. I don't know first hand but from the stories I've heard, minor league baseball players have the eating habits of college freshmen. Remember what you would eat when you were 18-21 years old? It was crazy. Four and a half months of Chipotle probably isn't as bad as 3 slices of Papa John's every day for a solid semester.

Yelich still apparently loves Chipotle. He talked about it in an interview with GQ just 2 years ago. 

It's something to get quick, fairly healthy for you if you do it the right way. i got on that routine when I was really young, and I don't see it changing anytime soon.

So let's break down what Yelich was probably ordering.

Judging just on the fact that he said "healthy," I'm going to assume some things. No tortillas (bowls only). brown rice, lettuce, no sour cream, and no cheese. That leaves 4 choices of meats (steak, chicken, carnitas, barbacoa), 3 salsas, corn or no corn, fajita veggies or no veggies, and most importantly guac or no guac.

Using my high school probability and statistics knowledge (Thanks Dad!) that comes out to a total of 96 different combinations. Still not enough to have something different for every trip.

To be fair, the main reason why I wanted to write this blog was to remind everyone about the time that he insulted Yu Darvish after Yelich was accused of stealing signs.


Then Yu Darvish shoved it in his face the following season:

Now excuse me while I go order some Panchero's.


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