Even Cub fans have to endorse this move.

Every year ESPN puts out their "Body Issue." It's basically a bunch of athletes posing nude while playing their sport. It sounds a lot more titillating than it actually is. The whole thing is tastefully done.

Christian Yelich, the Brewers All-Star outfielder, was chosen to do this year's issue. Here are his pictures.

Very modest and honestly, tastefully done.

That didn't stop some dumb Twitter users from clutching their pearls and wonder just what the heck we were supposed to tell the kids.

Yelich didn't have time for that and shut the lady down pretty quick. She has since shut down her account but here's a screenshot of the exchange.

Pretty funny but it didn't stop there.

Later that night Yelich used The Police's "Roxanne" as his walk-up music.

This was one of the rare times that all the internet was united in liking one person. It's strange that it was a Milwaukee Brewer, but we'll take the small victories where we can take them.

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