Their highly anticipated matchup against Harlem unfortunately will be canceled. 

It was going to be one of the biggest football games Harlem and Boylan had ever played. The two teams were slated to face off Saturday morning with a NIC-10 title on the line. Harlem is ranked in the top 10 for one of the first times in school history and Boylan is having another one of their traditionally great seasons.

Then news came late Thursday night that the Boylan football program has to put a pause on activities due to COVID-19 protocols. No more details were given but this likely puts an end to the Titans season with only 2 more games left on the schedule.

As the Facebook post notes, Boylan joins Guilford, Belvidere North, Oregon, Mendota, and Rock Falls on the list of local high school football teams shutting down due to COVID.

Harlem will play Prairie Ridge from the Crystal Lake area on Saturday instead. It should be noted that Harlem's Athletic Director Rebecca Hagerman did a great job of having a backup game in place if needed.

It will be a good contest for Harlem and interesting to see what the Huskies can do to an out-of-conference team. The Huskies QB Cooper is one of the best in the state and will be looking to add to his record-setting numbers at Harlem on Saturday afternoon.

The "Summer" sports (usually Spring sports) will be starting competitions in just a few weeks after this "Spring" sports (usually Fall sports) wraps up next week.

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