If you live in Illinois, I'm pretty sure it's an unwritten rule that you have to visit Wisconsin at least once each summer. I'm also pretty sure most of those trips North of the border usually involve a stop in the Wisconsin Dells to enjoy some waterpark fun too.

The Best Waterpark Rides in Wisconsin

Travel Wisconsin recently did an article about the 10 best waterpark rides to try in the Dells this summer, but I want to focus on 5 that really get my adrenaline pumping.

1. The Smoke That Thunders - Kalahari Resorts - This family ride is a two-for-one deal that features one ride that starts with a steep drop into a swirling tunnel and a second ride that sends you nearly vertical up a huge wall! I found this video from the same ride at Kalahari Resorts in Pennsylvania, and I can already hear myself screaming (and probably swearing) while riding it!

2. Medusa's Slidewheel - Mount Olympus Water and Theme Park - This brand new attraction just opened on May 28, 2022, has earned the title of  "America’s first rotating water slide", and boy does it look like the good kind of wicked!

3. Fly'n Myan  - Chula Vista - This is one of the fastest water slides/water coaters in the world that has you shooting across the ceiling of the entire waterpark, and by shooting I mean you get launched off a platform when you start!

4. Black Thunder - Noah's Ark - If you prefer to do your sliding in the dark, that is exactly what you will get on this water slide!

5. Screaming Hyena - Kalahari Resorts - Are you in for traveling through a trap door down a steep drop from the ceiling of the waterpark without a tube? Try the Screaming Hyena!

Which one of these rides are you dying to try first? Have you already gone on some of them before? Are they as cool as they look?!? Send us a message on the app and let us know what you thought!

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