What a difference a week makes. 

Two weeks ago against the Lions, Bears kicker Cody Parkey had a very bad, horrible, no good day. Seven days later he's getting a game ball while surrounded by a throng of teammates.

Parkey's bad day made national news. He missed four out of his six kicks against the lions, each miss made the taunting "bong" when it hit the uprights. It was a feat that had never been seen before and will never happen again.

All week the coaching staff and the players said that they had Parkey's back. He was their guy. I'm sure everyone was holding their breath when Parkey lined up for his first kick on Sunday night before he split the uprights. Even more was on the line in the fourth quarter when Coach Nagy sent Parkey out to attempt a 46-yarder to put the Bears up two scores. Parkey again nailed it.

I often think that team chemistry and other buzzwords like that are overrated when it comes to professional sports but you can't deny the fact that this Bears team likes one another and it shows on the field.

It's been a long time since it's been fun to be a Bears fan. Now's the time to embrace it and enjoy the ride.

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