A baby from England whose parents have figured out she was conceived on Valentine's Day has the most ideal birth mark in the most ideal place.

Jade Sparham and Liam Scaife welcomed little Poppy-Rae into the world last November and were surprised when a heart-shaped birth mark developed on her forehead a few days after she was born.

Sparham was alarmed by the mark and went to the doctor, who assured her it was totally fine.

She told the Daily Mail, "I couldn't believe when we spotted the heart on her head, especially after we worked out that she was conceived on Valentine's Day last year. It was such a lovely coincidence. It definitely makes this Valentine's Day extra special for us. Poppy-Rae is like our very own cupid baby. Now Liam and I can't stop kissing her little face.'

Sparham also said she and Scaife have completely embraced the mark. "At first we worried that Poppy-Rae would be bullied as she grew up, or struggle to find a boyfriend," she said. "But now, we've realized that her birthmark is what makes her unique and it makes her more beautiful to us both. We really believe that her little love-heart has brought us closer together as a family."

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