Employees at Furry Babies in the Fox Valley Mall told police the puppy is valued at more than $7,600.

If you're like me, after reading the headline on this story, you probably thought to yourself "Wait...a puppy costs $7,600?!"

You may have even repeated the question to yourself, as I did. $7,600? Really?

My first dog, Yogi, cost my parents $100. My dad never got over "spending that kind of money on a dog."

Maybe these folks were taken aback by the price-tag, too. That's why they decided to go ahead and steal the dog anyway.

Police said it appears the suspects used a fake identity to apply to adopt the puppy online, and then visited the store over the weekend. Police said they arrived at the store with a baby.

Police believe the suspects showed the clerks a fake ID and gave incorrect information, and eventually took off with the puppy.

Police released a photo of the suspects holding the dog in question. If you have any information on their whereabouts, contact Aurora police at 630-265-5500.

Apparently, English Bulldog puppies are a hot commodity among thieves:

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