Well, it looks like the Cubs are back to having fun again. 

You would think the number one Cub highlight from a weekend sweep of the hated Cardinals would have occurred on the field. You would be wrong.

Joe Maddon decided that the guys would play dress up on their way out of Chicago last night on their way to Colorado. The theme? Dress up like Jon Lester.

This isn't new for Maddon. I think his first dress up trip was a few years ago when he had an Anchorman theme for their trip to San Diego. There have been a few others. Last year's highlight was Dress Like Pedro Strop Day. That gave us this highlight:

Twitter @ChicagoCubs
Twitter @ChicagoCubs

(Side note: That was the day I started liking Yu.)

Back to Lester day.

The unofficial captain of the team has officially won the trophy for best costume for dress up day.

While the rest of the team went with the traditional cowboy theme, see below:

Rizzo went a different direction with the Jon Lester starter kit.

Festooned with stars and stripes the coup de grace was the six-pack of beer and fried chicken. That inside joke goes back about ten years to Lester's time with the Red Sox.

For those that don't remember, towards the end of the Red Sox dominating run about a decade ago the Red Sox pitching staff got in a little bit of trouble for their behavior during games.

Reportedly, Lester, John Lackey, and Josh Beckett would all eat fried chicken and drink beer during games in the clubhouse during their off days. It was kind of a big story. It was also kind of embarrassing for the players, the Red Sox, and their front office that just happened to be run by Cubs current boss Theo Epstein.

This is awesome. This is the kind of joke that only really good friends or jerks can play on each other and I'm pretty sure that Rizzo and Lester fall into the former of those two groups.

The Cubs just swept the Cardinals. They're tied for first place and the team is back to hijinks. A weekly reminder that it's good to be a Cub Fan.


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