This is great news for Cub fans across the country. 

Rizzo isn't the best baseball player on the team, that probably goes to Bryant. He's not the most exciting player on the team, that goes to Baez. He is the unchallenged leader of the clubhouse and it sounds like he won't be giving that title up for a while.

In an interview with 670 The Score Rizzo said "that would be very special" to be able to retire as a Cub.

Rizzo understands that baseball is a business and you can't always have these fairytale endings to a career, but he's saying the right things right now.

Rizzo is under contract for 3 more years. He's being underpaid for what he brings to the table, so he will definitely see a pay increase, but it looks like there might be a little hometown discount that will come into play.

The Cubs are lucky to have Rizzo. You'll be hard pressed to find another player that does more off the field. It might be even harder to find another player that means as much to the identity of their team as well.

It's probably safe to buy your kid another Rizzo jersey for Christmas this year, it will be an acceptable fashion for Wrigleyville for another couple of decades.

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