The Cubs-Cardinals got a new wrinkle this weekend. 

It all started with this video.

There you have Kris Bryant at the Cubs convention having some fun with fans. Bryant said that he didn't like playing in St. Louis because it's "boring."

Does Kris Bryant actually believe that? Probably not. Kris is a pretty boring guy to begin with so I'm not going to take his word on how exciting any city is.

But Cardinals Twitter got really mad. Their catcher, Yadi Molina, even joined in telling Bryant to "be quiet."

So Bryant and the rest of the Cubs knew he was going to be greeted by a chorus of boos from the jean-short clad Cardinal faithful.

Well, Rizzo wasn't going to let everyone have fun booing his buddy and miss out on it.

NBCSports - "We had to boo KB," Maddon joked after the game. "I think it was Rizzo's idea. He came around and passed it around. I was all for it; I thought it was a hell of an idea. I don't think I've ever roundly booed one of my own guys before. So check that off the list."

Now the Cubs ended up getting swept by the Cards over the weekend so it was St. Louis getting the last laugh but this is definitely another chapter in the long-standing midwest rivalry.

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