While Cub fans may still be upset that the season has come to a close, the players seem to be handling it just fine. 

A little backstory to what lead up to the above video. Apparently, Rizzo had been taunting Pedro Strop all season that he could strike the relief pitcher out.

Thankfully they waited until the offseason to try this. Don't need either of the guys pulling a muscle that they don't use very often.

The anticipated matchup happened over the weekend and you can see for yourself who got the better of the at-bat.

Is there anything to be learned from this? The first take away is that I'm glad to see that the guys aren't walking around with their heads down all depressed. The second is that it looks like you won't see Rizzo pitching in one of those blow out games where you see position players take the bump to have a little fun. The third is that it looks like Strop has a nice little swing. He's 0-2 lifetime at the plate but if Joe gives him some more opportunities you might see him put one in the basket one of these days.

Good season fellas. Can't wait for next year.

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