The Cubs (unofficial) captain is making the best of things. 

The Cubs, like everyone else in the country, have found themselves in unprecedented territory. They're getting ready for the abbreviated regular season to resume with Spring Training 2.0. Except they're holding this spring training at Wrigley Field instead of Mesa, Arizona.

This unique wrinkle is allowing the players to watch the action at Wrigley in a way that they don't usually get to. Anthony Rizzo took the opportunity the other day to see what a Cubs game looks like from different vantage points in the bleachers.

He was all over the place.

Even took some time to chirp his left fielder, Kyle Schwarber, directly from the warning track.

That's just Rizzo keeping his team loose.

This would also be a good time, especially since it happened 6 years ago today, about the time Anthony was going to fight the entire city of Cincinnati. This was the day he became the unofficial captain.

Probably my favorite non-World Series/non-Javy Cub moment of the last decade.

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