Before we continue, no one was hurt in this crash.

Pretty amazing video out of Elkhart County, Indiana. According to reports, some teenagers were out to celebrate a friend's birthday when their rented limo developed engine trouble in the absolute worst possible spot: a train crossing.

From the Daily Mail:

A local photographer, Norman Noe, who is thought to have been travelling with the party, filmed the moment of impact.
The conductor of the train was constantly sounding its whistle as it approached the limousine.
One person on the side of the tracks started shouting: 'It's not going to stop. It's not going to stop.'
When it slammed into the vehicle, it pushed it along the tracks several hundred feet before grinding to a halt.
The photographer ran to the front of the train still filming and asked the driver: 'Did you see me?'
'I sure did,' he replied. 'I've got 10,000 tonnes behind me, though.' 

Of all the places to stall out...a train crossing? Really? And, of course, the biggest question for me is: Is limo-ing through the countryside how Indiana teens celebrate a birthday? Plus, no one in Indiana spells it "tonnes."

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