After all the bad behavior we see reported every day, it's so nice to see a group of strangers save the day for someone.

Monday, on I-88 in Oak Brook, a pickup truck blew a tire, flipped over, and was then hit by another vehicle. The driver was pinned inside the wreckage.

But, not for long.

A group of passing motorists, rather than forming a "gapers block," jumped from their vehicles to help out.

First, they tipped the truck back onto its side, then they broke out the windshield to pull the driver out.

The driver, 32-year-old Orlando Hernandez, said he felt a strong presence that kept him safe Monday morning. He was safe at home and surrounded by family Monday night.

He has a few scrapes and cuts, but his glasses are still intact despite the terrifying crash.

The construction worker said he then spotted several people surrounding his pickup. A group of good Samaritans, including several construction workers, got out of their cars and flipped the pickup truck back on its side.

Hernandez knows how differently it may have turned out if not for them.

"Honestly, I probably would have... probably would have got stuck there and died," he said.

Those strangers quickly became his guardian angels.

"You know how there's terrible things happening and people lose faith in things, faith in the world? But seeing that, that sort of restores that goodness in your heart," Hernandez said.


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