Alex, I'll take headlines that would have made zero sense ten years ago.

And to be honest, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense today either.

Aaron Rodgers is mercurial to say the least. He's annoyed Bear fans over the years, especially this year:

He annoyed Packer fans during the offseason when he wouldn't/couldn't commit to playing another year for the Packers. He's annoyed his family, who apparently don't really speak to Aaron anymore (to be fair, one of those people appeared on The Bachelor, so maybe it wasn't a huge loss)

Despite all that, he's still winning football games at an incredible clip. The Packers have only lost once this season, Week 1 against the Saints in what was essentially a preseason warm-up game for Rodgers. He's in about every other commercial you watch on an NFL Sunday. He was getting meme'd to death last Thursday and was absolutely loving it.

The latest Aaron Rodgers news came from a Twitter video he tweeted out over the weekend of him in a John Wick costume at a Halloween party saying that he was A) taking part of his 2021 salary from the Pakcers in the form of Bitcoin and B) giving out a million dollars worth of bitcoins to Twitter followers that linked their account information.

Take a listen:

First of all:

What a life. You look good in your John Wick costume. You're sipping on, what I'm assuming is some fine scotch. And you're casually announcing that not only are you taking a portion of your salary in fantasy internet money, but you're also going to give away $1,000,000. Pretty eventful Halloween if you ask me.

Apparently he did what he said he would and many people woke up Sunday morning with a little extra Bitcoin in their virtual wallet.

I would like to note that the avatar that Rodgers is using is the one from Thursday night with the evil red eyes photoshopped in there. Actually funny.

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