You may still have to travel over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house, but at least it will cost you a bit less this Thanksgiving.

AAA Chicago reports that motorists can add cheaper gas to their list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday. The average price for unleaded gasoline in Illinois as of Monday (11/19) was $2.57, nearly 30 cents less than a month ago and 13 cents less than a year ago. Monday’s Illinois average represents the lowest since March and is only 9 cents more than the lowest price this year ($2.48).

For those here in the Rockford area heading south, in Indiana the average price for gasoline is $2.42, which is 34 cents less than last month and 23 cents lower than last year. Monday’s Indiana average represents the lowest since February and is only 5 cents higher than the lowest Indiana price this year ($2.37). The national average is currently 2.62.

Motorists in Illinois and Indiana can be thankful for strong oil inventories and low demand, which have set the table for some of the lowest gas prices of the year. This is perfect timing as motorists hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Nearly 49 million Americans will be hitting the road for Thanksgiving this year, which represents nearly 5 percent more road travelers than last year. In Illinois, 2.5 million motorists will be traveling, which is up 4.7 percent from last year.

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