Mike Montgomery is the answer to the trivia question "Who threw the final pitch for the Chicago Cubs when they won the World Series in 2016?"

Now he might be the answer to another question. Who was the first American player to be kicked out of the Korean Baseball League?

That's the future facing former Cub Mike Montgomery after he had this blow up Thursday while playing for the Samsung Lions.

According to ESPN:

Montgomery, who pitches for the Samsung Lions, was ejected after being warned by umpires about the league's 12-second pitch rule. As he was being guided toward the dugout, he charged toward the umpire as he was being restrained by teammates. He then fired the rosin bag at the back of the umpire, who was talking to the Lions manager.

Just an insane freak-out from a player that was generally even-keeled during his time in MLB and with the Cubs. There has to be more to this story because a guy doesn't go apocalyptic over an umpire asking him to speed it up on the mound.

The Korean Baseball Organization hasn't made any announcements yet concerning Montgomery's punishment, but those that cover the league seem to think that he'll probably be banned from the league for life.

That's not ideal for a player that was trying to play his way back into the major leagues.

Montgomery last pitched with the Kansas City Royals in 2020. He opted out of a minor league deal with the Yankees to go play in Korea, hoping his performance overseas would convince a big league team to sign him. That looks like it might not happen now.

Thanks for the World Series Mike, hope things turn around for you soon.

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