It's been a tough go for Chicago sports fans the past few months (years for some.)

The Bears seemed to have taken a step back. The Cubs failed MISERABLY down the stretch to miss the playoffs. The Blackhawks have seriously declined the past few seasons and look like they'll struggle to make the playoffs again. The Bulls have been a mess for about a decade. The White Sox are finally wrapping up a 5-year rebuild.

But let's rewind 4 years ago today. The Cubs and Pirates were in a one-game Wild Card playoff to make the postseason and Jake Arrieta was on the mound. Jake turned in one of the best postseason performances you've ever seen and propelled the Cubs to the next round. Those 2015 Cubs would wind up losing to the Mets in the NLCS but would go one to win the whole thing the next season.

That was a lot of fun.

It's not always this bad. Remember the good times and trust that they'll be back again.

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