The second half of the Rockford Police Department's successful begins this Friday morning at District 1's headquarters. 

The completely FREE event for seniors begins the second half of its program. We had great success in the first half of the new program that culminated in a grand prize game being held last week for those who had perfect attendance or missed just one day. There were many high-value gift certificates and a brand new grill was the ultimate prize.

If you want to qualify for the end of the year grand prize game you should start your streak this Friday at District 1's headquarters located at 1045 W. State Street.

Bingo is held the first and third Friday of every month at 9:30. The whole thing takes about 90 minutes to play and includes a short 5-minute seminar at intermission aimed towards the seniors in our community.

The Rockford Police have been nice enough to include us in the program. I'll be there again calling the numbers and would love to say hi to some listeners.

Hope to see some new faces this Friday morning.

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