I'm planning on watching this year's World Series. Not nearly as intensely or emotionally as I'd hoped I would be just a couple of weeks ago, but I'm a Cub fan, and can say with a tad more sincerity than in past years, "Wait'll next year!"

Anyhoo...back to the World Series. Baseball has been praised and maligned for the incredible mountain of statistics it keeps. Seriously, from batting average, earned run average, and slugging percentage to "he's hitting .357 against right-handers named Carlos during July night games," baseball keeps track of everything.

The incredible stat-keepers at WalletHub have a great piece up called "The 111th World Series by the Numbers." It's full of nuggets like:

$257M: Total ad revenue generated by the 7-game World Series in 2014

57 Years: Cumulative length of the Mets and Royals respective World Series title draughts

$500M: Amount Mets ownership had invested with Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff

$50M: Estimated economic impact on Kansas City from the 2014 World Series

$8 Billion: Total fees paid by Fox to Major League Baseball for the rights to show the World Series and other playoff and regular season games from 2012 to 2021

$520K+: Estimated cost of a 30 second TV commercial during the 2015 World Series

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