National Barbecue Day is the best day to talk about a new restaurant location popping up in Rockford! Are you ready for Mission BBQ?

Mission BBQ has been on its way to Rockford since last summer. We first told you last July that it was coming, or specifically Lil Zim from Q98.5 let us know that not only is the restaurant known for it's bbq, but also for the patriotic feel each restaurant has an the daily stars and stripes salute. 

Originally the restaurant was set to open in April, but if you've driven on E. State Street anytime recently you see it's clearly not open for business.

Though there is a 'coming soon' sign waiting near what is likely to be the front of the restaurant.


Then in October, Steve Shannon told us about their menu items, like that very unique and delicious looking BBQ Spaghetti Plate. My goodness that looks good!

So that leaves us with a few questions, when is the restaurant actually opening and what should we order first?

Looking at their Facebook page, it looks like they post a photo with every new restaurant owner as soon as their spot opens and Rockford is nowhere to be found, which does make sense, but there isn't much info as to exactly when but WREX reported 'summer of 2022,' which is pretty soon!

That brings us to 'what do we order first?' and the five reasons we can't wait for the restaurant to open.

Taking a look at their Downers Grove menu, I'll give my take on the five items I would pop on my plate.

  • BAY-b-Back Ribs
  • Maggie's Mac-N-Cheese
  • Pulled Pork
  • Fresh Cut Fries
  • Summertime Lemonade

I don't drive past their new location as much as I used to, so you'll have to let me know if you see a 'now open' sign!

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