I was stunned earlier this morning to see a city in Illinois losing more people than nearly every other place in America.

It's so bad in this now tiny town, that only one other city in America has seen more people leave.

Movers unloading a moving van

Pine Bluff, Arkansas has lost over 12% of its population, losing nearly 13,000 people in a decade. There isn't a city in America that has had more people move away than Pine Bluff.

Not far behind is a city in Illinois, it's Danville.

If you live in Chicago, Rockford, or anywhere in northern Illinois, you're probably wondering, what and where is Danville?

To me, Danville is always the last town in Illinois I pass on my way to Indianapolis. Just east of Champaign, Danville is a city that has lost so many folks in the past couple of years, it's bordering on being called a town.

Travel Alot took a close look at cities where people have moved away from the most and they said Danville took the second spot overall.

Danville Illinois is showing a notable 9.1% decline in growth. Of the most populous metropolitan areas in Illinois, this is the worst of them all and the second-worst in the country.

Not sure what Travel Alot means by referring to Danville as the "worst of them all" but they certainly have their issues.

Travel Alot:

Danville, Illinois had a population of 81,625 in 2010, and in 2020, they had a population of 74,188.

Taking a closer look at why Danville is experiencing a mass population exodus, I took a peek at the crime rate.

Neighborhood Scout said Danville's Crime Index makes the city only 2% safer than ANY other city in America. TWO PERCENT.


If you're looking for why people are moving out of Danville, it appears to be because it's dangerous to live there.

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