Whenever I'm on the hunt for something fun to do with my family, there are two qualifications an attraction must meet to be a guaranteed hit with my kids:

  1. Provide a new adventure
  2. Involve animals

That first qualification is usually pretty easy to fulfill, but the second gets a little tricky if the adventure doesn't involve going to a zoo. Well, I am here to tell you I think I just found this summer's perfect adventure that my kids will 100% approve of; hiking with llamas in Wisconsin!

Hike With Llamas at Midwest Llama Packing in Wisconsin

When I first came across this article from onlyinyourstate.com about Midwest Llama Packing in Sparta, Wisconsin, all I really needed to see to be sold on the experience was this picture...


Young kids, holding onto llamas, in nature...My girls will LOVE it!

So, what is the experience of hiking with llamas all about? Basically, you pick your adventure, and the beautiful llamas carry the weight...literally.

My family has never gone on a long, official hike together before. I'm pretty sure my girls would like the hiking experience, but I also know a lot of whining would go on if they had to carry a pack filled with picnic and other hiking essentials. That is where Midwest Llama Packing comes in. According to midwestllamapacking.com;

All our llamas are well trained and are safe for kids to handle, so a llama trek can be a family friendly outdoor recreation activity.  Llamas are very athletic and can carry 60-100 pounds on their back. Pack systems made for llamas vary from light grade picnic systems to commercial grade models designed to pack in a hunting camp and pack out their game, and we have them all to customize your experience.


Midwest Llama Packing Experience Options

Whether you're interested in a short hiking adventure or a full-fledged overnight experience with their llamas, Midwest Llama Packing offers options for everyone including:

  • 2-hour hikes
  • Half-day picnic hikes
  • Full-Day Hikes
  • Overnight Hikes

Midwest Llama Packing is located in the Kicakapoo Valley Reserve in Sparta, Wisconsin, and the hikes all take place within the beautiful scenery of the Reserve. To learn more about pricing for each hike option, or simply just to learn more about their cool llama, go here.

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