This guy's videos deserve way more views than he has. 

I just randomly google Rockford sometimes when I get bored with my current task. While it makes for a long day, it does uncover some gems.

That was the case yesterday when I was procrastinating writing this post, to randomly search through YouTube, (which was the best time-suck of all time until TikTok came around) for Rockford videos.

The first three were all Chemtool videos and then this 48-minute video popped up about Rockford that was just posted about a month ago. I started watching and was honestly impressed. I assumed he was local because he really knew what he was talking about but it turns out he's not.

This guy, Chris Harden, has tons of videos about cities and towns all over the midwest. And they all appear to be as detailed as this Rockford series.

I got you here by saying that your house is probably in one of these videos and I stand by that. The Rockford 8-part series alone is probably about 6 hours in total. Then there's the Loves Park video, the Rochelle video, the Machesney Park video, the Dixon video. This guy's a content machine. It's really impressive.

Check it out. See if you can find your house in one of these:

Seriously impressive content. I'm trying to get him to come on air with us to talk about his process. Hopefully, this post will help convince him.

UPDATE: We got him! Chris joined the show this morning. A fascinating guy.

Thanks, Chris.

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