Sometimes you just need a heavy dose of nostalgia. It helps remind you of the good ole days.

I was scrolling on Facebook and saw a video posted to a Rockford Facebook Group. It wasn't just any video, it was the craziest throwback video of Rockford from 1949. That's 72 years ago! One sure fire way to tell if any video is old is it it's in a square format on YouTube. That's how you KNOW it's an old video.

This video was Produced by Bengt Janzon for Rockford Chamber of Commerce in 1949 and it's so crazy to watch. If you've lived in Rockford for a long time, you'll totally be able to recognize almost everywhere in the video.

I have a lot of favorite parts of this video, but here's my absolute favorite things about it -

  • The music - The second the music starts you're immediately transported back in to that time period.
  • The narrator - He just is the perfect voice for the video.
  • The outfits in the video - We just don't dress like that anymore.

The video is originally from 1949 but was reposted on YouTube in May of 2015.

Buckle your seatbelts Rockfordians, because this video is a ride.

How hilariously amazing is that video? I love watching and picturing in my head how Rockford looks now. Especially downtown Rockford. I saw exactly where I popped my tire on a curb the other day.

It was such a simpler time. I can't wait for people to look back at a video of Rockford in 2021 and think how simple the life we have now is.


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