You Have to See This Throwback Video of Rockford in 1949
Sometimes you just need a heavy dose of nostalgia. It helps remind you of the good ole days.
I was scrolling on Facebook and saw a video posted to a Rockford Facebook Group. It wasn't just any video, it was the craziest throwback video of Rockford from 1949...
Throwback Thursday: Rockford in 1949
I see people posting "Throwback Thursday" photos and video all over social media every week, so I went looking through the archives and happened upon a really cool, well-produced look at life in Rockford at the mid-point of the last century.
Delta’s Like, Totally Cool Safety Video
I'll admit it, I sometimes space out, tune out, or simply ignore the in-flight safety videos that play shortly before takeoff. I know I'm not alone. That's why several airlines have tried to increase the interest level with some out-of-the-ordinary takes on the standard old "…