Imagine if the Cubs did something like this? There would be riots in the streets trying to get one of these packages. 

You read that right. For 30 bucks a month you get at least a standing room ticket to all 81 Brewers home games. The season is about 6 months long. Thats 180 dollars for season tickets to watch Milwaukee play or $2.22 a game. That's amazing.

I went though their website trying to find the loophole and couldn't find one. The only downside is that the tickets are only for standing room only. That shouldn't be a problem considering they rarely sell out unless the Cubs are in town. Speaking of the Cubs, I can see Cub fans taking advantage of this. The northsiders play in Milwaukee 10 times this year. That breaks down to 18 bucks a game, actually a little less since you can cancel the Ballpark Pass whenever you want.

The only other "catch" is that you can't resell them. Not a problem. If this is something you might be interested in you should act sooner than later, there are only a limited number of passes available. But if these sell as well as their regular tickets I don't think they're in danger of running out anytime soon.


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