This might scratch a very specific itch. 

It doesn't get much better than a hot dog at the ballpark and you can simulate that with some help from the Beloit Snappers.

The Snappers are opening up their concession stands for curbside service for lunch Wed-Fri starting this Friday, April 24.

The menu is simple and the process is as well.

The menu consists of hot dogs ($6), brats ($7.50) and burgers ($8). Each basket comes with chips and a drink.

The process:

  1. Call 608-362-2272 to place your order between 11A-2P
  2. Tell them what car you drive.
  3. Show up 15 minutes later to pick up your food.

That's it. The ballpark is located at 2301 Skyline Dr in Beloit. This would be a great activity to do with the kids while they're stuck at home.

Go get a hot dog. It'll make things at least seem normal for a bit.

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