We'll be giving away a smoker (the one pictured!) on June 19th in honor of Father's Day. 

How do you win? Simple. Just download the app and submit a picture of you and your dad, you and your kids, grandparents and kids, as long as there is some sort of paternal relationship, we'll allow it. All the details are here.

Here are some of the submissions that we've seen so far. I'll do this every week so if you want to get your picture in the next gallery make sure you send one in.

Reminder in addition of the grand prize of this awesome smoker and Eichmann's gift certificate. We will also start giving away 2 kid's craft projects to a lucky submission every weekday starting on Monday. It's a pretty cool thing you can put together with your kids. I made one for myself and I don't even have kids.

Really looking forward to all your submissions.

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