The only thing missing from this video is "Yakety Sax," the theme from the Benny Hill Show. Seriously, this Greek soccer player would have probably come away from this injury better if he'd just dragged himself off the field (or, pitch, for you purists).

It was like something from a slapstick sitcom.

Ergotelis midfielder Leonardo Kutris was expecting to just be carted off the pitch to recover from a slight knock...but instead became an internet viral sensation.

The Greek stretcher bearers tasked with the job of carrying him off literally did he opposite of their jobs. One of them managed to drop the injured Kutris...and then fall on him.

The medic looked like he'd never even seen a stretcher before let alone carry an injured player off.

He dropped Koutris after a few seconds and then fell into him, headbutting the Greek footballer in the mid-drift.

Recovering, the stretcher bearer manages to get Koutris over the white line before dumping him on the side of the pitch as the other medic at the other end of the stretcher can only look on.


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