This is a fascinating story. 

Marilyn Hartman was arrested at O'Hare airport on Tuesday for trespassing.

ABC7 - Hartman was arrested Tuesday at Terminal 2, near the CTA bus shuttle area. Hartman has a series of arrests for being at airports and even boarding planes without a ticket. She has snuck onto dozens of flights in the past.

She was under electronic monitoring and house arrest while on probation from another arrest at O'Hare earlier this year.

According to that Chicago Tribune article, she has flummoxed the court system. She poses no apparent danger. She has been caught stowing away on dozens of flights and sneaking past TSA officials in many airports. Other than the trespassing, Hartman commits no other crime.

She is currently undergoing mental health treatment that her lawyers are saying is very beneficial to her well-being and any jail time would unnecessarily undo any progress she has gained.

It's such a strange obsession. Obviously, there are some mental health issues in this situation, I just wonder what the obsession is with breaking into airports specifically. I can understand the thrill before you were caught, but now that they are monitoring you, you're just basically waiting for them to catch you every time you break your probation. It must be frustrating for everyone involved.

No word yet if Mrs. Hartman will be released again after her most recent arrest. With Chicago's track record mixed with Marilyn Hartman's arrest history, it appears as though you should be on the lookout for her at Midway later this week.

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