April 9th, 2017 was a seemingly watershed day for airline travel.

That day, 5 years ago, was the day that a doctor on a United flight out of O'Hare was told he had to get off the plane to make room for United workers that were bumping him off the flight. The doctor refused and a little while later video was taken of Dr. Dao being dragged through the aisle by police officers.

The video was shared internationally and ever since, it seems like we have had weekly stories of people acting like complete lunatics on planes, with the pandemic pushing it even further into the plane of idiocy.

I'm well aware that the majority of flights went off without a hitch and even if we saw 500 people acting like idiots, there were millions more that acted like adults, or even good people, while crisscrossing the skies.

It just didn't seem like you would ever run into these types of people.

Then you see something on social media that makes you think, "Hmph, maybe there's a little bit of hope after all."

That was the emotion I felt when I came across this video shared on Twitter Monday morning.

Twitter user @DanteTheDon, who in addition to being the man playing music during Cub games at Wrigley also writes for Barstoolsports.com.

NOTE: I know Barstool isn't for everyone but Dante is an excellent writer that just penned a very nice piece on how the Big Brother program in Chicago changed his life. I HIGHLY recommend reading it.

Dante was flying out of O'Hare on his way to New York when he captured his pilot making this speech to his passengers before they boarded the plane.

I took about 15 minutes to transcribe his speech if you can't make it out or can't use your speakers at the moment.

We put you on these flights the laws of physics demand that

we sit close to each other and often times it feels like you're on your own and no one cares. Well, not on this flight, not while I'm in charge. Just know I've got your back. So, let's be kind to each other. Things are, you know, getting a little bit better. We don't have to wear these masks, they're not mandatory, but those of you that choose to wear a mask, I'm extremely respectful of that.  We've lost a lot of people, including my cousin to this disease. So I tend to take this seriously. So, let's be kind to each other.

Just a gentle reminder that we are literally all in this together so we might as well start out being nice to each other and see how it goes from there.

It's honestly a speech that should be given to every group of passengers on every flight for about the next year, but that might be a logistics problem.

Listen to this man's speech. Listen to it again and then share it with someone. This is the kind of airport video that needs to go viral.

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