We've officially entered Shamrock Shake season, you know what that means right? A ton of arguing about why those green shakes don't always taste the same. 

Once upon a time I didn't like Shamrock Shakes. I know you think I'm crazy. I think I was crazy too!

It was back in the mid-90s. My friend Lindsay LOVED them and I couldn't care at all when it was Shamrock Shake season.

Fast forward 25 years and we're in a different boat these days. I could probably suck down two or three Shamrock Shakes a day, maybe even four if I didn't order anything else from McDee's, but have you ever wondered why sometimes the shake doesn't taste exactly as you remember?

Turns out there's some truth behind the idea that all Shamrock Shakes don't taste the same.

Rich from the Bucciferro Family McDonald's locations spilled the reason last night on Good Day Stateline.

It's not that each location has a different Shamrock blend or anything like that, it's all about those machines that mix the shakes.

Sometimes they're just not calibrated exactly like the machine at the location you might've visited the day before.

That all makes complete sense when you really break it down. The green shakes are a mix of the Shamrock Shake syrup and vanilla ice cream so of course there's some mixing required, but when we're so used to McDonald's burgers and fries tasting so similar from one restaurant to the next we forget sometimes that the shakes might be mixed a little different.

When was the last time you had a Shamrock Shake?

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