Remember when you were a kid and expecting something in the mail? It was fun and exciting to run to the mailbox to see if that something had arrived yet. This is not like that at all.

Well, maybe it is--assuming that you had to deal with property taxes on your tree-house or pillow fort when you were a child.

Well, that pillow fort and/or tree-house has now turned into a real house, and Winnebago County would now like their cut, please.

Property tax bills for the year 2018 will be received by homeowners, businesses and farms beginning May 29, 2019, following a 30-day delay by the State of Illinois.

The property tax is divided into two equal installments, with due dates of June 28 and September 27, 2019.

Tax payments can be made at the Winnebago County Treasure's Office, by mail or online at the County treasurer's website, here. Payments can also be made at many local banks and credit unions after the bill has been received.

Tax payment stubs or computer generated copy of your bill will be required with payments made at banks or credit unions.

Any property owner who does not receive a tax bill by June 14, 2019, should call the Treasure's Office at 815-319-4400 and ask for a duplicate bill or log onto the Treasurer's website to print a copy.


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