Spring and summer at Winnebago County Animal Services (WCAS) has been very, very busy. So much so, that I got a note this morning from our friend KD Urbellis, marketing and public relations specialist at WCAS, telling me that they're "bursting at the seams!"

Over the years, we've had three adopted animals, and I can tell you bringing home a dog or cat from the shelter is a life-changing (for the better) experience that more people should think about.

KD tells me that the shelter has approximately 40 dogs and 70 cats available for adoption. The shelter also has many animals that are waiting to come out onto the adoption floor. Therefore, the shelter is asking for adopters, fosters, and rescue groups to step up and help in any way they can.

If adoption isn't a possibility for you and your family, consider "fostering." If you're unfamiliar with the term,

Fostering is a great opportunity for volunteers with a nurturing personality to make a little extra room in their home for a temporary furry friend! As a foster, you help take care of kittens or puppies that are too young to be adopted or adults that need a little bit of extra care and socialization. Animals available for foster may include those with upper respiratory, kennel cough, injured, needing socialization, or long-term residents.
The shelter also offers a Foster-based Adoption program for frightened or long-term residents where the foster parent may take the animal to training and promotes the animal for adoption through social media, adoption events and word-of-mouth.
All foster volunteers must be Winnebago County residents.

If you've got room in your house, heart, and/or yard, and are able to help Winnebago County Animal Services or if you have any questions, please call 815-319-4100 or visit their website at wcasrock.org for more information.