Butterball, Inc., the folks who are very closely associated with Thanksgiving, have their base of operations and several locations in North Carolina.

Butterball says that due to the immense damage from Hurricane Florence, much of their North Carolina operation has had to be shut down. Before you start to stress out over what you'll put on your Thanksgiving Day table, take a breath.

It turns out that although based in North Carolina, Butterball only produces ground turkey, turkey bacon, and turkey breasts in that flood-ravaged state.

The turkey you'll most likely carve up on Thursday, November 22nd will probably have its origins in the Midwest.

From Fox News:

Butterball has several locations in North Carolina, plus others in Missouri and Arkansas, according to the company’s website. The North Carolina operations got hammered by Florence, despite the company’s storm preparations, according to a company statement.

“Many of our North Carolina-based processing plants, hatcheries and feed mills have been impacted by the storm, and we continue to see flooding and power outages throughout the region,” the statement said.

However, if you're like our own Joe Dredge, you'll be making tacos for Thanksgiving, anyway. Unless your family revolts against that idea--like Joe's did.

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