A new season of baseball is here but Cubs fans aren't quite ready to move on from 2016.

That's because Cubs fans are still enjoying the World Series win from last year, and one in particular got to name his child because of that victory.

Chicago Cubs Fans on Facebook shared the awesome news:

"About 6 months ago Chris and I made a bet; if the Cubs won the World Series he would get to name the baby. I believed it to be a fools deal, after 108 years the odds were in my favor...

Everyone knows what happened, so when the baby was born on Wednesday, March 29, Chris named him Bryant Anthony.

Since the post was so popular on Facebook, fans of that page started sharing their Cub named babies.

One fan in particular wanted to name his child Brickson Ivy. His wife took issue with the middle name Ivy for their unborn son and the couple finally agreed on Brickson James.

One World Series in 108 years and we Cubs fans have lost our collective minds. I'm just glad I'm done having kids, I'd have a tough time convincing my wife the name Grandpa Rossy is a perfectly normal name for a baby.

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